onsdag 27. juni 2012


Sunshine Blog Award

Barbara from Made in K-town gave me the Sunshine award a few days ago. Thank you Barbara! It's nice to be appreciated (even if I'm not really into award games…)

Part of the award was answering 10 questions about my favourite things. I'll do that (questions can be fun), but I will not be passing this along. (To difficult to chose among the blogs on my list so I'm terrible at that…)

1. Favorite Animal: Cat. We have allways had at least one cat in our family. I don't have any animals myself, but my parents and their cats live nearby now.

2. Favorite Number: None really.

3. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coffee.

4. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I even have a Facebook page for this blog. So you can like Solstrikke on Facebook too!

5. My Passion: Whatever I'm interested in right now. Crafting is high on the list.

6. Getting or Giving: Giving. Especially giving away handmade things. But it is nice to get presents now and then too…

7. Favorite Pattern: I have too many. The favorite list and my queue on Ravelry is getting longer and longer.

8. Favorite Day of the Week: Friday.

9. Favorite Flower: Can change. I love dahlias, but right now my favourite is peonies (i'm waiting for them to bloom in my garden)

10. Favorite Country: Norway is a good place to live and work. But I read Country Living each month and dream of living in a little village in the English countryside…

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