mandag 1. april 2013

Triangelpute nr 2

Denne vart ferdig rett før påske, akkurat i tide til å bli bursdagsinnflyttingsgåve. Puta er hekla etter same mal som den første, med litt mørkare gråfarge (for det var det eg hadde no).



På denne laga eg åpninga bak på ein litt annan måte. Eg laga knapphola på siste fargestripe og hekla ein separat bit med kvitt som knappane er festa på.


This is triangle pillow number 2. It was finished just in time to be a birthday-housewarming gift before Easter.

It was made almost tah same way as pillow number one. Used a darker grey in this one (because that was what I had now). And I made the opening in the back a bit different.

I made the buttonholes on the last stripe of colour. Then I made a separate rectangle with white dc to go under the first piece (overlapping) and sew the buttons on it. I think I like this way better than that on pillow #1.


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  1. Your Crochet work is so pretty. What kind of yarns do you use? Are they cotton, wool or acrylic?
    Blessings from Alabama,

  2. On most of my projects I use wool. Sometimes I use cotton.
    But I never use acrylic - I don't like the feel of acrylic yarns...

  3. So pretty, the colors work great together! I made a triangle crochet pillow last Autumn and right now I am making one with stripes, using the same color!

  4. So beautiful! I came across your post via Pinterest and knew immediately that's what I want to crochet too.
    I've already finished the top (with more triangles because of thinner yarn) and be currently working on the back.

    If you want, you can find some pictures of my work in progress on my blog:



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