mandag 11. mars 2019

Rustic Lace Square

I've been wanting to try the rustic lace square pattern for a while, and decided to make a blanket for my brother's wedding in June. 

Since I had just finished a Flowers-in-the-snow blanket I needed a little variation and wanted to try a new pattern. And I liked that the lace squares are a little bigger. I had also made many of the inner cicrcles allready.

I finished just in time...

Hello again!

Ohh... 2018 was not good for blogging. But I'm still here.

Last year was a busy one for making blankets. 3 flew of my crochet hook in May, June and September. I did plan ahead this time, and had done some work a while before. 
But I still have to make most the weeks before the ocation they are made for.

I made Flowers in the snow-blankets for two of my nieces, and a Rustic Lace Square blanket for my brother's wedding.
(I'll show you the Rustic Lace Square blanket in a different post.)

I can make the Flowers in the Snow blanket pretty much on autopilot by now, using the continuous join as you go method. 
I'm still planning to make a tutorial for that, just need to take good photos - or maybe make a video...

Enjoy the photos of these two blankets and my lovely nieces.


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