mandag 11. mars 2019

Hello again!

Ohh... 2018 was not good for blogging. But I'm still here.

Last year was a busy one for making blankets. 3 flew of my crochet hook in May, June and September. I did plan ahead this time, and had done some work a while before. 
But I still have to make most the weeks before the ocation they are made for.

I made Flowers in the snow-blankets for two of my nieces, and a Rustic Lace Square blanket for my brother's wedding.
(I'll show you the Rustic Lace Square blanket in a different post.)

I can make the Flowers in the Snow blanket pretty much on autopilot by now, using the continuous join as you go method. 
I'm still planning to make a tutorial for that, just need to take good photos - or maybe make a video...

Enjoy the photos of these two blankets and my lovely nieces.

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  1. Hello Solveig - can you share the pattern for the border? It looks like one row of double crochet, one row of dc, chain 1(?), skip 2, dc, then another row of double crochet, then the multi-dc scallops at the end. I can't make out that border, though. It's beautiful! thank you.


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