mandag 15. oktober 2012

Chevron pillow

The pattern is for a pillowcase to match a 40 x 40 cm insert pillow.
Yarn: I have used sport/dk weight yarn
Hook: 4 mm
Gauge: ca 16 dc = 10 cm
In the pillow above I have used 3 colours: Aqua (A), white (B) and peachy orange (C). The colour sequence is: Two rows A, two rows B, two rows C and two rows B.
The grey pillow under has two colours in this sequence: Four rows grey and two rows white.

dc2tog (decreasing stitch): Yarn over, insert hook into st and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops. Yarn over, skip 3 st, insert hook into next st and draw up a loop. Yarn over, draw through 2 loops, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.
With colour A ch 107.
Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 6 ch, dc2tog, dc in next 8 ch, *ch 3, dc in next 8 ch, dc2tog, dc in next 8 ch; rep from * 3 times.
Row 2: Ch 3, turn, dc in first dc, 2 dc in next dc, dc in next 4 dc, dc2tog, *dc in next 6 dc, (2 dc, 3 ch, 2 dc) in 3 ch space, dc in next 6 dc, dc2tog; rep from * 3 times, dc in next 4dc, two dc in each of the last 2 dc.
Repeat row 2, changing colours as you want (or as the pattern above).
For this pillow I crocheted 60 rows. (The number of rows depends on how much you would like it to overlap on the back.)
In this pillow I made an overlap of 5 rows.
Sew the side seams. I sew it with the inside out using whip stitch.
Turn the right side out and sew on some buttons. You use the holes in the chevron tops as button holes.
Insert a pillow, and Ta-dah!!! You're done!


I hope I have written this pattern right. Please let me know if you find any mistakes Smilefjes

Norsk versjon kjem snart…

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  1. Fine puter! Ser fram til den norske utgava, sjølv om eg er blitt van med å hekle etter oppskrifter på andre språk:)

  2. This is a wonderful pattern, thank you so much for sharing. I'm going to make one for a Christmas present! Sandra

  3. Fine puter du har hekla !
    Likte den grå spesielt godt. Lurer på
    ka slags garn du har brukt på den ?

    1. På den grå puta har eg brukt Superwash Ullgarn frå Trysil Garn (Europris).

  4. You're the best, Solveig! All your patterns are welcome! Thanks!

  5. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  6. Hei! Veldig fint! *Liker jeg* :-)
    Jeg har en del lignende garn liggende - jeg tror jeg skal prøve å lage en slik putetrekk snart! :-) Hvor mange gramm garn har du brukt?
    Ha en fin dag!
    Hilsen, Kathrin

  7. What a beautiful chevron pillow !

  8. i love this pillow so much, but i just cant get the first row to add up to the 107 stitches. I keep getting a tail and it only seems to add up to 93.

    I don't know a better way to explain... but by my count:
    5 stitches (including whats on the hook) + 6 + 2(for the dec) + 8 = 21

    3 chain doesn't add to the count because its the corner, so 8 +2 (for the dec) + 8 x4 = 72

    any idea where i am going wrong? I have restarted this pattern 3 times now, and i just cant figure it out.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Have you noticed that the "dc2tog (decreasing stitch" is done in a special way in this pattern?
      - You skip three stitches in between the two dc you crochet together.

      I just tried the first row myself, and it did add up to 107 st. (But I had an extra 3 ch at the end - edited the pattern there)

  9. Could you tell me how many stitches make up the pattern so I can practice before i make it, I can't read patterns very well and I wanted to make sure I could do the pattern before I try it, many thanks


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