mandag 7. mai 2018


I really do prefer the Birkin sweater to the Birkin bag. 
I started this project in October. 
I bought Finull yarn for this sweater when I visited the Rauma factory in late September.

But knitting rounds with 3 colours is not a a favourite of mine, so when these rows showed up in the pattern, the knitting came to a pause. 
And then it was Christmas...

But in February I decided I just had perservere and I picked up the project again. 
Row after row was finished.

And just in time for spring I had a new sweater :)

I fits really well, I just wish the neck opening was a little wider. Maybe I can fix that somehow later.


Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 3 mm, 3,25 mm, 3,5 mm

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