onsdag 9. september 2009


Igjen litt onsdagsmusikk. Denne gongen nokre songar frå franske Emily Loizeau.

Eg synes det er så sjarmerande med fransk. Sjølv om eg ikkje forstår så altfor mykje.

Den nyaste musikkvideoen Sister er også fin. Den gjekk ikkje an å legge inn her, så de må klikke på linken.

God onsdagskveld!

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  1. I do no speak your language but I can translate in english :

    emily loizeau - I'm jalous

    I've cried for two hours again on your "petit-beurre"* box
    the famous one with the letters, the pictures of New Hampshire
    your romantic journey with Adèle de Bayeux
    I think this name is ridiculous
    looks like a sweater brand
    she would like to meet me
    to have us for lunch
    For sure she will love me
    and she insisted so much

    Oh Yeesss but I'm jalous
    yes that's it simply jalous
    I'm jalous

    I'm eating all by myself at the chinese restaurant, it's convenient, it's just downstairs
    I let you go alone, now I live to regret it

    you said it's really a pity, she cooks so well
    i would love to make her my nitroglycerin soup
    Bile and glutamate are fighting in my spleen
    I say it everytime, I won't eat chinese again.

    Oh Yeesss but I'm jalous
    yes that's it simply jalous
    I'm jalous

    Your Adèle wants
    to see you again, she's rather free in the evening
    to speak to you from time to time
    let's smile, let's clench our teeth

    It's true, that's pretty normal, I see no objection about that
    I won't make some scandal, for you both it's important
    But this is the art of my jalousie, not beeing able to tell you that it feels a little akward, that you want to see each other again.

    Oh Yeesss I'm jalous
    yes that's it simply jalous
    I'm jalous

    *(petit-beurre is one famous french little butter-y dry biscuit, known for the metal boxes it was sold in. children love it.)

    here you are :D.
    :) hope it helped !


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