tirsdag 28. januar 2020

Wedding blanket - Bryllupsteppe

      I haust var det bryllup i familien. Invitasjonen kom i august, så det var ikkje så mykje tid til å planlegge gåve. Eg gjekk laust på garnlageret og hekla romber/diamantar som i dette teppet. Denne gongen orka eg ikkje så mykje tenking, så det vart same holmønster på alle. 
I staden prøvde eg meg på ein vri når det gjaldt plassering av fargane - med overgong frå mørkt til lyst. 

Kvit kant rundt diamantane og samanhekling vart gjort i same slengen. 
Det tok heldigvis ikkje så lang tid, berre nokre kveldar :)

My brother got married in November. The invitation came in August so I didn't have much time to plan a wedding gift.
I decided to go for a blanket with diamonds like this
But this time I made the same lace pattern on all the diamonds.
Instead I went for a different approach for placing the colours.
I tried to go from darker to lighter colours in a diagonal across the blanket.

I went for a white border on the diamonds an did the continuos join-as-you-go.
(There really is no other way for me to finish blankets.)
And then a simple scallop border around it all.

The blanket was finished well before the wedding.

søndag 4. august 2019

Harry Potter blanket

This spring it was my nephew's turn to get a blanket.
He was very into the HP books when he was younger. (He may have branched into gaming the last few years).
But his mother and I thought that a Harry Potter themed blanket could be a good fit.

I found the pattern for a HP c2c blanket here at Yarn Geek Makes (formerly Two Hearts Crochet).

I had never tried c2c before, but the first square (the snitch) worked up so quickly so I decided to go for it. I used dc in my squares, not hdc as in the pattern.

The biggest problem in making this blanket was deciding wich squares to use...
Yarn Geek Makes has graphs for more than twenty squares and a quick google/pinterest search gives you lots of other alternatives.

...and of course keeping track of all the different yarn ends. Lots of colour changes in some of the squares. I tried to carry the yarn along on the back when I could, to keep the amount of yarn ends to a minimum. There still was a lot of end so weave in at the end...

The blanket ended up quite big - 140 x 178 cm, and quite heavy,  2,2 kg... c2c eats yarn...
I used dk wool and a 4,5 mm hook.
But I'm so happy with the result - and a little part of me wanted to keep this...

mandag 11. mars 2019

Rustic Lace Square

I've been wanting to try the rustic lace square pattern for a while, and decided to make a blanket for my brother's wedding in June. 

Since I had just finished a Flowers-in-the-snow blanket I needed a little variation and wanted to try a new pattern. And I liked that the lace squares are a little bigger. I had also made many of the inner cicrcles allready.

I finished just in time...

Hello again!

Ohh... 2018 was not good for blogging. But I'm still here.

Last year was a busy one for making blankets. 3 flew of my crochet hook in May, June and September. I did plan ahead this time, and had done some work a while before. 
But I still have to make most the weeks before the ocation they are made for.

I made Flowers in the snow-blankets for two of my nieces, and a Rustic Lace Square blanket for my brother's wedding.
(I'll show you the Rustic Lace Square blanket in a different post.)

I can make the Flowers in the Snow blanket pretty much on autopilot by now, using the continuous join as you go method. 
I'm still planning to make a tutorial for that, just need to take good photos - or maybe make a video...

Enjoy the photos of these two blankets and my lovely nieces.

mandag 7. mai 2018


I really do prefer the Birkin sweater to the Birkin bag. 
I started this project in October. 
I bought Finull yarn for this sweater when I visited the Rauma factory in late September.

But knitting rounds with 3 colours is not a a favourite of mine, so when these rows showed up in the pattern, the knitting came to a pause. 
And then it was Christmas...

But in February I decided I just had perservere and I picked up the project again. 
Row after row was finished.

And just in time for spring I had a new sweater :)

I fits really well, I just wish the neck opening was a little wider. Maybe I can fix that somehow later.


Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 3 mm, 3,25 mm, 3,5 mm

Vintervarmt sjal

Vintervarmt sjal har vore på pinnane ei stund. Trengte eit prosjekt som var lett å ta med seg på tur i januar - så då kom dette i gong. 
Og etter turen vart det liggande ei stund... som ofte skjer i dette huset...
(fann nettopp ein pose med x antal prosjekt, uææhh...)
Men så kom eg i gong igjen, og då gjekk det ikkje så veldig lang tid før alt var ferdig. Rakk å bruke sjalet før vinteren var heilt ferdig.
Veldig greitt mønster, men eg synest det var litt vanskeleg å strikke laust nok på i-cord-kantane. Det blei fort litt stramt uansett kor laust eg prøvde å få det. Men det er kanskje berre slik med i-cord-kantar...


Mønster: Vintervarmt sjal av Strikkelisa
Garn: Esther av Permin
Pinnar: 4 mm

Just before spring started for real, i finished this shawl.
The pattern is Winterwarming Shawl by Strikkelisa. 

lørdag 3. mars 2018

Beetles, bugs and butterflies

The crochet designer Lalylala has made a beautiful book with patterns for beetles, bugs and butterflies. I just had to order the book when it came out in October.

I have made several of Lalylala's dolls before. Let me just remind you a little bit:

Fibi the Fox

This time I started with butterflies. First an Ulysses Butterfly for my nephew (sorry for the bad photos).

And now in January a Peacock Butterfly for my niece.

 Lovely patterns, and very clear. Now you can buy kits for the different patterns in her shop too.


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