lørdag 23. juli 2011

Berre trist

Uverkeleg å vakne til slike nyheiter.

Tankane mine går til dei som har mista sine kjære.



We are a country in shock after what happened in Oslo and on Utøya yesterday.

My thoughts are with the people affected and those who have lost loved ones.

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  1. I'm so sorry. They are so shocking news.

  2. This is very shocking news! We are sorry for you and your country

  3. Jag känner med dig och hela Norge.

  4. Våra varmaste tankar till alla er i Norge och framför de familjer som drabbats. Ofattbart och fruktansvärt.

  5. really sorry for you and your country.
    I hope all your friends/family/relatives are safe.
    Big hugs .

  6. My heart is filled with sadness for you and your beautiful country.

  7. I hope you are well. My thoughts are with your people.

  8. I can't find the words to make you feel better, you must be broken hearted, my heart yesterday went back to the terrible day in Port Arthur Tasmania Australia, it's so sad your country is suffering the shock ours once did.

    ((((HUGS)))) Lynda.

  9. USA has had good media coverage of Norway and the response to the recent horrors. I am saddened by the loss of the future talents of these individuals, yet gladdened by the wealth of unity demonstrated by the people.

    Thoughts are with you!


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